Loretta Kan Tuan Memorial


Loretta Kan Tuan Memorial

We said good-bye to our Mom, Loretta Kan Tuan, on Wednesday evening, May 24, as she went to join our Dad in heaven. In one of her last lucid moments she turned to us and said, “There is no pain. There is no fear. It’s so beautiful.” Our mom was a strong, generous and loving woman, who made everyone she met feel like family. She was capable - a computer programmer back when computers filled entire rooms - and before her time in many ways. A lover of babies, flowers and life itself, she also enjoyed doing taxes for others (!), cooking 9-course Chinese meals to host legions, and taking many, many photographs. Her father used to say to her that if she were a man she would have ruled the world. 

We will miss her.

WORLD VISION:  An international Christian humanitarian and sustainable economic development NGO, World Vision works with children and communities in 100 countries.  Priscilla became its new Chief Marketing Officer in April. Growing up, our mother instilled the value of generosity and compassion in all of us. During our (in)famous paper route afternoons delivering the Honolulu Star-Bulletin we would talk with Mom about life - whether friends, school, church, or the news. Where there was injustice or inequality, our mom would want to change it, by writing a letter, making a donation, or calling her congressperson. Priscilla had just returned from her first meeting with World Vision, when she sat next to Mama Tuan in the emergency room and mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Your donation goes where it is needed most, as the largest provider of clean water in the world, on the frontlines of crises in Turkey, Syria, and Sudan and empowering people to lift themselves out of poverty.