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7D1 Ukraine Crisis Relief

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Bring Hope and Relief to Ukraine

The escalation of conflict in Ukraine has forced more than 8 million border crossings, as mostly women and children flee to neighboring countries, sometimes returning home during moments of relative peace, only to have to flee once again.
At the end of June, 5 million people had fled Ukraine and are registered in European countries. With the escalating crisis, the casualties, the number of displaced and the needs are growing by the hour. 
More than two-thirds of Ukraine's children have either fled for safety within the country or are living as refugees.

Since the conflict started, our teams have been on the ground assessing and responding to the urgent needs of those searching for safety. We are working to support internally displaced people in Ukraine as well as refugees in Romania, Georgia, and Moldova. 

Our response to date has focused on working with local partners in Ukraine and Moldova to provide food, hygiene and protection for children and their families. In Romania, we are providing safe spaces for children to play and receive care, and supporting the shelters in urban centers that are providing temporary homes for refugee children and their families.  In Georgia, we are supporting families who were travelling when the conflict started by getting children enrolled in school and psychosocial activities to process their experiences, and providing cash assistance. In Moldova, we are supporting hospitals, food banks, and refugee and host communities with food, hygiene supplies, and cash assistance.

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